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The Power a Phone

A movie scene told the story of what the US did to get to the moon. In that scene, they showed an enormous computer that filled 1 huge room to support that mission. I find it interesting that today what that computer did to get a man to the moon now fits on the size of our hand.

Had a productive day today worked on 4 projects and completed 2. It's 9:47 pm and I'm reading my analytics. I have the Samsung Fold, but as advadvancedance, as it is, It doesn't matter. In softball, they say you're only as good as your weakest player. Looking at this analytics, I need to dumb down my site, Instead of starting and creating from the desktop. I need to create starting from the mobile device. 100% of my visitors came from mobile devices and a majority had phones older than 3-4yrs. This means resolution and loading are slower. I'm glad I have a very large screen to work from. But I have to remind myself content that when I'm creating Content my prospective clients have older phones. Moving forward I'll make sure my content is under 2min or 5min and I'll edit the content on my mobile to 2 features.





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