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SAMSUNG FOLD vs Small Business


post on the journey of starting a small business with my Samsung Fold. Consider it a full-year review of 1 product. Unlike the reviews you watch on YouTube and various other platforms where the reviews are based on design and function. My review will be based on its contribution to my overall business when my skin is on the line.


Had a great week last week and I'm hoping it continues to to the end if this week. Had an mtg with City Hall and was able to reclassify my business. Saving me a lot of money. I was also able to Cast my Xlrg Gray Pebble. I just need it to dry more I'm able to polish it to a pebble finish. I did make a mistake recording how I make the pebble. Rather what I used to record it. I bought the Brinno Time Lapse Camera. It's a bitch to link with your phone and it takes more than a minute to link up. So I've been using my Samsung Fold. So the Fold. WOW. The picture quality is amazing. and EZ. but I have to be careful that I don't accidentally clip the phone directly on a button. Another minor gripe I have. Not with Samsung maybe the industry is. I wanted a time-lapse camera to record content for my YouTube Channel. I didn't realize Samsung calls their Time Laps Hyper Laps. I wish I knew that before I bought my Brinno. But moving forwards you go to my YouTube Channel every video posted will be from my Samsung Fold.

Overall good 2 weeks Knocked out a few Cover designs. The Covers on UpgradeMyKitchen.NET My YouTube Channel and my Etsy Shop were all done on a Samsung Fold using Canva or WIX. I cant wait to see what else I can make.





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