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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

A Filipino word for Kitchen, or it could be Spanish. The Philippines was conquered by everyone. That's where I will start my Blog. The Phillippines.

Manila to Los Angeles.

I want to say, “Thank you” to Katrina for creating this video. When I retired from my job last year, I did it knowing that I wanted to create Upgrade My Kitchen. I wanted to be appreciated and recognized. But most of all I missed being creative and I wanted to be home more.

For 27 yrs I flew all over the world. Most people comparison shopped Macy's vs Local department Store, I shopped according to Currency Exchange Rate. I remember flying to Sydney every week and the exchange rate was $2 to $1. I would joke by saying “shopping in Sydney is like a Macy's One Day Sale. But instead, It’s the entire city”. And that's the regular price, imagine when it goes on sale. Or the first time I went to New Delhi. I had a driver for the day, Had breakfast, lunch, and Dinner, Shopping for the day. All for $50 and I still had money left over. Sorry. I got dizzy and distracted with my stories of getting a bargain. Back to Upgrade My Kitchen. When I had my soft opening last year, I knew that I wanted to offer a service, something tangible and can people can appreciate knowing they got a good deal because the price made sense. That’s why I started Upgrade My Kitchen. But to make it possible, I am utilizing all my relationships and what I've learned from flying around the world, to benefit my Clients and Upgrade My Kitchen.

This video would not have been possible in the US without breaking my piggy bank and the cookie jar and lifting the mattress. But instead, it was possible because it was created by a talented, hardworking businesswoman in Manila. What I learned from her during this experience is, If you can't find clients in your area, go find it, even if it means 1/2 way around the world. Everything is possible if you "want" to make it happen. When I say Thank You to Katrina, I really meant, Thank you for inspiring me.

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