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Updated: Apr 15, 2022

1. The most important tip is to start with a plan.

2. Stick with the same layout.

3. Hire a professional: Consultant, Designer, Plumber, or Electrician. When you hire a professional they have to stay within your budget, they can guide you away from making costly mistakes. Budget trumps everything and everyone. Your chosen professional knows they are part of that budget.

4. Asking is the hardest part. Balls to the wall. Let them do their dog and pony show. In the end, point-blank, ask them for a discount in a nice way and smile. "Senior Discount, Covid 19 Discount". If they respond with a discount price. That's the real price. Your absolute ace in your back pocket for a discount, offer cash and our able to usually get a lower price. Be honorable during this process. Do the math. How many days, how many people, materials. Your adding an amazing kitchen. Im shocked when i've had work done at my home and the math added up to a fair price. But made my stomach turn when a quote comes in and the math showed some of the people worked belllow $10hr.

5. Labor cost. The one cost no one seems to crack. But I have a suggestion. For our budget-sensitive families, Upgrade my Kitchen ALWAYS recommends hiring a licensed professional when working on your kitchen. But "depending on the task" Labor is categorized on the level of training, experience, and workmanship.

- Licensed,

- Apprentice

- Handyman

- Day Laborer

- Homeowner DIY. Look at your budget and ask yourself who can accomplish the task on hand. My best personal mistake. I hired a guy to attach my new cabinet in my 1st remodel. I watched him drill a 3inch hole in the back of the cabinet to fit over the existing plumbing, on a cabinet I already assembled. Then I asked him, " Did I just pay you $300 to drill a hole in my cabinet." without hesitation. he said Yes. From then on, I said never again. That's why at UpgradeMyKitchen all the little things, are free and transparent on all our Quotes.

6. Your Smartphone and Amazon. From there Buy things at discounted prices during sales or at yard sales.

7. Sell your unwanted stuff to offset your remodeling cost. Once your remodel is complete. If not coordinated properly. Your old stuff will be beside NEW. And sometimes old can look even older. Hire a consultant to prevent any possible eyesores when your project is completed.





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