1.Gather supplies

You would need boxes or reusable storage bins, newspapers, packing tape, and some markers to help with the labeling. As tempting as it might be, avoid packing it all in one big box, it will come back to haunt you later.

2. Everyday essentials

If you love coffee, your coffee maker should be the first thing on your list. followed by your pots, rice cooker, vegetable peelers, eating utensils, Wine if friends come over to help. Back-up wine even if friends don't come over to help.

3. Set up a temporary kitchen.This may take 1 or more weeks depending on the project.

4. Take down the blinds, curtains, and wall decorations. Including the path to get to your kitchen.

5. Don't forget your pets

This includes during construction and when left alone. Make sure to keep your pets away from your work area. Your dogs and cats can be a danger to themselves and the work crew.

Hint: Dog Day Care. All dogs have to be assessed for temperament before getting admitted. It takes approx 1 afternoon to introduce your dog to several dogs temperment. Almost all Day Care facilities offer a free supervised assessment 😉. You can check out which day care facility your dog likes better in your area. My dog trainer once told me, "A Tired Dog, is A Good Dog."





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