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De-cluttering and simplifying your kitchen

Because of how often the kitchen is used, it tends to get crammed with stuff, this usually makes the de-cluttering and organizing process daunting and not something that you would look forward to, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Step 1: Set a timer:

Decluttering cannot happen in one day. Make it easier if you break up the task and spread it over a few days (or weekends).

Step 2: One Cabinet at a Time:

Rather than opening the cabinet and grabbing things randomly, create a keep, attic Donate pile. And Start at your outermost cabinet

Step 3: Ask The Hard Question:

Marie Kondo would say pick it up touch it and ask yourself. does it bring you, Spark Joy? Or ask yourself will use it now, someday, or you have no clue what it does.

Step 4: Remove the things that are no longer needed:

Like in all our kitchens, some things do not belong there. Clutter attracts more clutter

and the kitchen countertops are the dumpsite for random things that don't even belong in that house, yeah, I said it.

Step 5: Get ready for Success.

Except if your are a germ-a-phobe, or you enjoy cleaning every couple of minutes, your kitchen will not be spotless without daily maintenance, your systems need to accommodate what you do in the kitchen and act accordingly.





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