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Southern  California’s 1st choice of
Ikea Kitchen Service Providers

Based in Los Angeles, we are a licensed business servicing Ikea Kitchens in all their forms. Whether you’re looking to get a custom, semi-custom, or ready-made Ikea kitchen, we can take care of the designing, installing, and made-to-order fittings.

In an industry that’s hardly changed in years, we are the first to offer custom-made accessories for ready-made cabinets. Using sustainable, upcycled products, our goal is to give a new purpose to items while saving you costs.

We are a minority-owned business collaborating with creative women worldwide—from Nigeria to India and Pakistan, all at a fair price. Our values are: excellence, diligence, transparency, and fairness. With pride in our expertise, our joy is bringing to life your kitchen reality.

Peace of mind knowing

1 Year Workmanship Warranty

Since no wall or floor is absolutely straight, measurements are everything. We use lasers to eliminate any human error and ensure precise installations.

For made-to-order fittings with every special touch, everything is handmade by us in our workshop in Los Angeles—using 100% upcycled material. Creating Custom Fixtures at a savings of 40%.

From making sure all your flat pack products are on hand and verified in good condition, we handle everything to make sure it’s seamless for installation.

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Upgrade My Kitchen

Upgrade My Kitchen